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Under a Killing Moon

50 years ago, an italian killer strikes for the first time on the night between August the 21st and 22nd, 1968. The serial killer “Mostro di Firenze” (Monster of Florence) targeted an amorous couple parked in their car at known “lover’s lane” in Signa, a small town to the west of Florence. Both were shot to death with a Beretta 22 caliber, series 70 using long rie Winchester bullet series H. On the night the couple was killed, Barbara Locci’s son, Natalino Mele was fast asleep in the back seat of the car while the “Monster” was committing his first heinous crime. Over the years the serial killer will become notorious for his homicidal pattern and be responsible for 16 murders. For Barbara Locci and her lover’s murder, Stefano Mele was charged and convicted to 14 years in jail. On September 14, 1974 the serial killer strikes again shooting to death and stabbing a young couple in Borgo San Lorenzo. The monster will kill again on June 6, 1981, October 22, 1981, June 19, 1982, September 9, 1983, July 29, 1984 and for the last time on September 8,1985.

The police investigations and the trial have been the longest in italian history and have seen several theories developed: The investigators begun pursuing many possibilities that brought them to convict Pietro Pacciani and his friends (Known as the “picnic companions”) and to arrest at various times other suspects but that were later released. The investigative group also announced that the crimes could have been connected to a satanic cult. Still, after 50 years from the first murder the Judiciary announces unfound verdicts (2018).


Under a Killing Moon

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